What to Do When In Costa Maya

Many cruise ships stopover Costa Maya during their cruise. This is a place where you can enjoy many beautiful beaches. And, this is one of the most diverse ports to cruise to in the western Caribbean. Costa Maya is where you can experience a historical adventure with sun, sand, and sip. Below are some of the attractions to visit and activities to do while in Costa Maya.

You can simply relax at the Costa Maya Port. Here at the port, you can swim in salt water pools with swim-up bars, go to restaurants, go shopping at their shopping plaza and artisan markets. There are many places to go to at the port itself if you don’t want to go too far from your cruise ship. Even while just relaxing at the port, there are many activities to do like swimming in their saltwater pools and taking meals at their Mexican restaurants. Near the pier is a secluded dolphin excursion area where you can go swimming with dolphins of snorkel to explore marine life. You can explore the port and surrounding areas riding in bicycles or golf carts which you can rent.

From the cruise port, you travel 30 minutes to reach the Mahahual Fishing Village. If you go to this fishing village, you will find many beautiful beaches and you can also eat in their many restaurants. You can use the beach any time you want. You will enjoy their white sandy beaches and shallow warm clear water. What keeps the water relatively calm and safe to splash around even for kids is the reef systems that is out in the water. Here you can enjoy beach games like volleyball, light snorkeling or simply splash around the ocean.

The Mayan Ruins in Chacchoben is another place you can explore in Costa Maya. Here you can explore three sites including Chacchoben, Kohunlich, and Dzibanche. What you can do here is to find large pyramid structures, and you can also climb and explore the historic ruins where you can view the general beauty of the region.

The Spanish Fortress at Bacalar is another historical sight that you can tour. This is an hour and a half from the port which offers another historical journey of the ancient inhabitants of the region. This fortress was used as a protective barrier by the Spaniards against pirates and attacks from the locals. Make sure to go to the rooftop of the fort to have a beautiful view of the Bacalara lagoon.

Costa Maya is a place where you can visit many sighs and do many activities. This port is part of the Meso-American reef system, which is the 2nd largest reef systems in the world.

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