It was hardly surprising when I knocked on the door and a beautiful young woman in a bikini opened the door. I used to marvel at how hard Leo would work seventy hours a week. Of course that was the big reason why his wife left him. Fortunately for him she had her own millions and had no reason to take any of his from him. At any rate the day he turned fifty was the day he retired and told us he would play harder than he had ever worked. At least three Russian escorts were there to help him out, or at least I thought they were Russian. I knew about his scheme. He moved to Las Vegas and went into the entertainment business. He had a pair of strip clubs, an enormous one. I did not really understand exactly how the escorts worked, but he did stuff for them and they did lots of stuff for him.

I never really got him to pay any attention to the stuff he was supposed to sign, he had no interest in it. He set one of those Russian girls on me when he got annoyed, or more likely he did it just to amuse himself. He seemed to believe I would run away from her, apparently he did not know that Kit was in the process of getting a divorce. It was the same thing Leo’s wife did not like, she says that I care more about the job than I do the marriage. Of course there is some merit to the argument, but Kit never looked like this girl and neither has any other girl I was with in the short time before we got married. She took me to the guest house and then when I woke up there was an Asian girl with my breakfast.