Human resource – The Glue of a Company

There are many departments in every company, working to make the company great. For example, a company will have finance, marketing, customer care, human resource among other departments. However, one of the most important departments in any company is the human resource department. The performance of the human resource department makes a company gain stability. It is not possible to work without a good human resource department.

So, what does the human resource department of a company do? The first task is recruitment and staffing. Without good employees, the company cannot function. Hiring employees after conducting interviews is the task of the human resource department. Therefore, the department ensures that competence is assured in new employees. In addition, the department ensures that the company is well-staffed at all times.

Onboarding and offboarding of employees is another function of the human resource department. Onboarding is important for it helps the company to retain their employees for the long run. When it comes to offboarding, the company is able to tell why some employees are leaving the company. The company is then able to address any matters raised by the departing employees.

The human resource department also undertakes training and development of employees. A plan to train the employee must be established by the department. Training builds employee motivation. Motivation and satisfaction result in eventual increase in productivity of the employees.

Every employee of a company should get their fair remuneration and other benefits. Ensuring this is done is the task of the human resource department. By ensuring that the payroll is worked on well and on time, the department ensures that every one is paid their dues at the right time. The department should also ensure that everyone knows other benefits that they are entitled to. If compensation is not given well and on time, the morale of the employees can go down leading to exit from the company by most employees.

Labor laws guide operations of companies. It is the responsibility of the human resource department to ensure that the company operates within the stipulated laws. This is an important responsibility of the department. If the company is found not to follow labor laws, lawsuits, fines and even closure of the company could follow.

Recently, there are more advanced tasks carried out by the human resource department. Websites that give details on such tasks are there. Just from the homepage, you will be able to learn a lot about the newly discovered tasks. You can therefore use the internet to learn more about other creative tasks of the human resource department that were traditionally not undertaken by this department.